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Keep Tony The Tiger Home

Tony The Tiger
Tony the tigers is an 11 year old tiger that lives at the Gross Tete Louisiana truck stop off of highway 10. He lives in a compound unlike any other. This compound is huge, with a play yard, tanks to swim in and heated and air conditioned housing. The animal rights people along with a few sanctuaries would like to force Mike Sandlin to give up Tony and move him to a sanctuary away from the truck stop. I have been to every Sanctuary in the United States and I can vouch that NONE of them have as nice of a compound to offer Tony as he has right now. Their complaint is the noise and the traffic. Well the largest advocate to move Tony is Big Cat Rescue who has a sanctuary in the middle of Tampa Florida where it is located next to a major interstate, next to a shopping mall and has air plains flying over along with sirens running up and down the highways all day and night long.

Do They Really Care About Tony?
None of the places or organizations care about the real health of Tony the Tiger. This poor tiger is being used in a game of marketing and raising funds illegally saying he is moving to their sanctuary to raise money off of him. Once he was moved, if it ever came to that. He would be more exploited than ever before. They would send out press releases, marketing packets, put on tour schedules and lies told about his former owner just to profit once again off this poor tiger. I stay in contact nearly weekly with Mr. Sandlin about Tony, and his health and needs and can assure anyone with a question that Tony is just fine where he is. If you have concerns about what is happening with Tony, visit the truck stop or send your donations to Tony the Tiger right there at the truck stop and help Tony stay home.

Meet Joe Exotic

From the front lines of the exotic animal argument to the spot lights of film making, Joe Exotic does it all. Creating the 57 sagas in 57 days made Joe Exotic an internet sensation to now starring at JoeExoticTV.com six days a week, moving on to making professional films for film makers world wide, Joe Exotic has got his start in the film industry. Housing the largest collection of exotic animals in any one place open to the public gives film makers a whole country all in one location. From the beautiful setting at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park located in Wynnewood Oklahoma film makers find it one of the most fantastic places around.


Joe Exotic On The Front Lines

Joe Exotic has been on the front lines fighting for the rights of professional private ownership of animals for the last eight years, taking the hits and being the target of every animal rights group in the U.S. Today sparks a new day when the Federal Government has stepped into the ring and is looking into the case of Animal Terrorism and what the animal rights people such as the Humane Society of the United States, PeTA and Big Cat Rescue will do to further their agenda. This includes sabotaging vehicles to cause accidents, injure the animals and possibly kill the staff. Why? to further a 25 year plan to make the tiger completely extinct from our world as we know it so you have to visit one of their museums in order to see a tiger by the year 2025. This can not happen, we can not allow this to happen.

Help save the animals in captivity

Do you know the difference between the HSUS "Humane Society of the United States" and the Humane Society of your local town or city? There is a huge difference, the Humane Society of the United States does not give money they receive to the local Humane Society in your community, nor do they take care of animals on a daily basis. If you want to help dogs and cats in this country, the best thing you can do is take your donation down to your local shelter where you can watch your money at work. (Do not mail it to the Humane Society of the United States). 

Helping Save The Tiger Reputation In Captivity

The are more and more scams these days trying to get you to donate money by telling you there are hundreds of tigers each year that need rescued here in America. Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida is one of the biggest scammers out there today. The stories they tell trying to get you to believe that they turn down hundreds of tigers per year and they get them out of drug dealers houses are simply un-true. There are less than 2800 Tigers in captivity in the U.S. and the sole purpose of getting you to believe their stories are only to get in your pocket book for their own benefit.

Joe Exotic operates the largest facility in the country for un-wanted tigers in America and has NEVER turned down a rescue or re-home for a tiger. Working with some of the leading facilities in the country we only get calls of about 10-18 tigers and lions per year needing placed and most of them come from sanctuaries going out of business. The days of private ownership of having a tiger in your back yard are gone. This does not happen like you will see in stories on the internet just to get to your pocket book.